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    Friday, September 03, 2010

    Powder Puffs, Sponge Drops, Little Oysters - Join together with Jam and Cream

    Was inspired to make these little sponge cakes for the "Thursday At Grandmas" dinner, a couple of weeks ago. They were very popular.

    BUT I wasn't overly happy with my recipe
    I tried 2 different way to cook these little Gems.
    This morning I was determined to get this sorted. I found this recipe on the Internet.
    The site is NZ Favourite recipes
    So all the credit should go to Bernice of Merivale, she has shown me the way. Click here 
    They are great.
    Some hints for best Sponge Drops
    Room Temperature eggs
    Separate eggs
    Use caster sugar
    Grease you baking sheet don't use baking paper.
    The lack of fat means they tend to stick.

    Its a lovely batter
    I made them a bit smaller, that way they didn't spread out too far
    The underside was golden and little crisp
    All the better for putting jam and cram on Grandma!
    They look and taste wonderful... Go old recipes.

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