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    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Life in Raro As We Know it - Part Four

    Oh no! Has to be an alcohol free day. The face that stared back at me, from the mirror this morning, was screaming “Cool it Girl”.
    And I wasn’t the only one. The night before, with the killer Martinis was too much for us all.
    The weather still a bit intermittent, which is a bit of pain. Ms Lana, like a Jack in Box, in, out, in out.
    The jigsaw is keeping some souls busy,

    The iPad providing games and TV programmes…I am watching “Nurse Jackie”, Fantastic…books… all going down well.
    I’m only on book one, Solitaire, Flight Control and Scrabble taking over. This is unheard of for me. Normally I would be on Book 3 at least. So electronic toys are taking over my life
    Pre lunch cocktails today Virgin Marys, very nice too.

    Excellent lunch again today, Ms Mary’s stuffed eggs, sausages, fresh wholemeal bread, same as yesterday

    It’s a books on the couch afternoon, then an outing for Team Raro,
    Went to TAV shop, Mr Heinz very disappointed… Over priced…Over Us…appalling.

    Booked Waterline for Wednesday with the Tipitinas.
    It is 5.30pm.
    Well, we have decided… we are not so much fun sober, 10.30pm would have made up the 24 hours alcohol free time, but it was a bit much for Team Raro.
    So, maybe 16 hours, instead of 24 or more alcohol free hours, is enough?

    As John McCready said aptly, it is 10.30 pm somewhere in the world. So, on that note, Ms Lana made cocktails.
    BUT we did resist wine with the meal. Note the absence of wine glasses on the table

    And an excellent meal it was too. Roast Pork and vege, Great Crackling.

    My word, why would you go out to eat. Stunning here.
    Watched Avatar or at least 4 of us did, Moi was asleep, very comfortably in a chair.
    No pictures, as it is not always a good look.

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