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    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Ika Mata - Food of Raro

    The Making of the Best Ika Mata.
    Chris and Katie went walking and foraging. Bringing back a lovely bunch of coconuts.

    This year Tony, our landlord, has supplied an opening tool for the Coconut.
    Chris our own personal action man, knows how to work it, thank god, The Old Sofas didn't seem to have a clue.
     Here is Mia, with the huskless coconut.
    The coconut meat, so crisp, fresh, delicious and I think fattening, which is all I need.
    We have eaten a lot of Ika Mata on the Island over the years but I have to say Chris' version takes a lot of beating.
    (Challenge out to Dan, who also makes a mean one.)
    So first buy your fish, which in this case was Tuna.
    The tuna up here is amazing. It looks like a jewel.
    Then you marinate the fish in citrus of choice, Lime or lemon.
    Leave for about an hour.

    While that is happening, whip up some pizza dough
    and chop the vege

    Cucumber, tomato, garlic chives or spring onion, chili (managed to source some little birdseye from Blackrock Villas) coriander, and the piece de resistance...Papaya.
    Drain the excess juice off the fish and add to the vege.
    (Meanwhile cook the garlic pizza bread)
    Season well with Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.
    Add just enough coconut milk to moisten, wet enough for juice to dip the garlic bread in
    Serve on a bed of the freshest, just picked greens  from the local shop.
    Evening cocktails.

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