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    Saturday, September 18, 2010

    Life in Raro As We Know it - Part Two

    I will just hark back to arrival, we were a little overloaded
    We said "God help us" and he did.
    Also, some shots from our market shop.
    And once again loading the car.
    Sunday dawned. Woke to Sun, Lana and Dale got some rays.
    When we were here 4 years ago, Lana and Heinzie on one of their long walks, found this back road and explored
     Just like a fairy tale, they came across the house of the Coconut Shell Bra Maker

    Sitting on the Veranda was this gorgeous little girl
    Ms Lana took some lovely shots and on her return home, had this one (below) enlarged and framed
    Their Mission this trip, find the little girl and give her the photo that Lana had enlarged.

    So this day, they wandered off
    Past the football ground
    Up the long and winding road
    And finally they found the house. The family has now split up sadly, but they were all there.
    Now living in the same area with extended family, but apart.
    There she was was, Lana presented her with the photo.
    She was thrilled.
    The father was so excited, he invited Lana and Heinzie to come and see him at his beach place. Anytime... Its the only caravan on the Island.
    They found it. He wasn't home
    Never mind next time.
    On the way home, Lana popped in to see our wastemaster
    Miss Penelope Piggie
    We make sure there is plenty of good leftovers to fatten her up.
    Lunch was Fresh Watercress Soup, with Ms Mary's Cheese scones
    The Concert this Evening, was Cher, preceded by Ms Lana's slideshow of Raro 2006.
    All washed down, with excellent Martinis and tasty dips.

    Team Photo with the Self timer
    Didn't quite get it right
    And again
    Inspired by the atmosphere The Titikaveka Trio performed.
    Martinis on the deck
    And  to misquote Cher "The Night Goes On"
    Jugs empty
    Think the Martinis worked
    It seems we attract famous people. Benny Hill popped in
    End of Day Three!

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