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    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    And The Tour Begins-Life in Raro As We Know It

    Launching the Sofas, was like an army manoeuvre, so much luggage, a bit chaotic really, to say the least.

    but thanks to the Lovely Deborah and Marilyn at the Koru Check out

    they managed to organise the chaos. Maybe it was the serenading by Mr Dale which helped

    Plane, no dramas. George Clooney's "Up In the Air" 'mit' sound for 3 of us. And the dog lovers watched "Marmaduke" 'mitout" sound.
    Food passable. All in all, very pleasant.

    The arrival Rarotonga Airport 2010
    Squashing the bags into the car.

    "The Arrival", circa 2006

    Same people, different luggage
    So onwards and upwards
    Above, view from our House.
    It was decided that we would eat out on Day 1
    So off to Vaima we went.
    Now it is owned and run  by The lovely Dorothy and Cameron, ex Castaway where we stayed for a couple of nights, a few years ago
    It was a quick meal
    Curry for three of us
     Fish of the day for the other two
    As a treat after dinner, Minties... and what do we do with the wrappers, well tear them of course.
    I think I was the winner
    Home for frivolity and Music -well, what passes for Music!
    The Titikaveka Trio "Live in Raro"
    Saturday dawned and it was off to the Market we went
    More squashing of things into the back of the car
    We bought lovely fresh vege and some Ike Mata. Not a patch on our own versions but adequate...
    Lana made a delicious salad
    Team Raro
    First Team Shot
    It was rest time, then Pre-dinner Eagles concert, accompanied by Ms Lana's cocktails.
    "The Graham Green", inspired by Rick Stein.
    They looked great, but the proportions were a bit out of kilter. Mind you we drank them without too much trouble.
    On another note, once we got the broadband working, we have now googled the cocktail and here is the new version. Click here to get the story and the recipe.
    Note the lunch time cocktail glasses as opposed to the evening ones above.
    As the Eagles so eloquently put it "Take it Easy" 

    Excellent. Ms Lana cooked some fabulous steaks, which we had with some tasty spaghetti and long Chinese beans.

    Then we settled in for some real music. Our friend Stu made us some wonderful tapes of Music of our Time. Baby Boomers Music.
    Go the Sofas, up dancing...Passion for Paris anyone?
    Oops-si-daisy, off to change the track...careful there Mr Dale no injuries please, we have a long way to go.
    It just goes to show Graham Greene and Wine does mix!
    Anyway after a great night, a good sleep was had  by all, despite the wind and the rain.
    Roll on more fun.

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    John and JT said...

    Looks like a lot of fun.
    John and JT