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    Sunday, October 28, 2012

    Fresh Cream Doughnuts - Crisp Tasty Salads- Food of Rarotonga

    Sunday Morning, Doughnut Day

    It’s raining, that’s a bit disappointing, but 1 rainy day after 10 beauties.
    I guess we can’t complain
    Paige the daughter of our hosts appeared at our door with the Sunday Treat Doughnuts. The locals love these, so do we!
    Fresh and Yummy
    Nice Papaya, fresh lemon juice squeezed over to start

    Then the major carbs and fats.
    Most of the food groups covered for breakfast I feel.
    So back to yesterday 
    We went to the market and bought some fresh produce.
    Made a lovely summer salad for lunch
    These are my favourite type of salads

    Vege, (lettuce, radish, tomato, cucumber) with some protein, in this case boiled egg and grated cheese
    Just drizzled with a tasty vinaigrette
    Accompanied with a fresh Baguette, smothered in New Zealand Butter
    Gosh there is a difference in taste with the butter, we export.
    It’s excellent.
    We seem to be consuming quuite a bit of it. Thank God for the Statin Drugs, dissolving the cholesterol!
    Mmmmm maybe not, but we are on holiday

    My skin is a bit of a mess, so I am keeping out of the sun, just going out to dip in the pool, dry off and back into the shade.
    We met up with The Bride and Groom, Tim and Tina
    They need a holiday. They look exhausted but very happy
    Andrew and Cas joined us. Cocktails at the Sunset Pool

    The cocktails. all a bit much for me, too sweet, but they look amazing
    We met Polly (of Course) The Parrot. Queen of The Sunset Resort

    A pleasant interlude
    They are going home Sunday. It has been a very busy fortnight for them
    It was a wonderful wedding. Thank you Tim and Tina.
    We loved it

    Back to the room, Tomato and Basil Sandwiches, with a viewing of
    The Circuit another little cracker of an Australian TV Series
     Looking forward to the Doughnuts in the morning.

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