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    Thursday, October 18, 2012

    Off to Raro We Go. The Big Event, Tim and Tina are Tying the Knot

    So our annual pilgrimage to Rarotonga this year has a real event for us to celebrate
    Our friends Tim and Tina are getting married
    Its been a busy few weeks, selling, moving and now finally at the airport, sitting in the Koru Lounge.

    Champagne and Croissants, at the ready. It feels good.

    The flight was painless, a little Champagne pre flight.
    Good to know someone in the business, one gets a little preferential we settled in.

    Once again Air NZ do it well. Breakfast was tasty.
    I read and slept
    Finally here we are at Rarotonga Airport

    Kia Orana
    Jake Umanga, Kathy’s (our lovely hostess from our last 3 stays up here) Dad, once again welcomed us on his ukulele

    He has been doing this at Raro airport for about 40 years.
    Hows that for staying power?

    Once through, our meet and greets had arrived, John, Tim  and Tina, with transport for us, which was fantastic

    There was a ton of luggage but not quite as bad as our arrival with Lana and The Heinzies 2 years ago.

    So the first calamity was a quick unbalanced step, carrying luggage, from Mr Dale
    Trying to get up to our Villa

    He’s OK but the Uke is stuffed.
    Oh well

    Had the used of Tim’s car for an hour or two and went to get some supplies

    Went to Wigmores, our local last year. Oops wrong!
    What was around the corner virtually then, is now about 8 kms
    Oh well, but the bonus was I bumped into Barbara Allpress
    Came home and had  a wee wine outside

    That saved a phone call Dan and Helen were off on Hen and Stag night,

    so Dale Sophia, Joseph and I went to dinner at Albertos

    Nice food Simple and tasty

    Home to watch a DVD with the kids “License to Wed” a rather silly movie with Robin Williams but it did the trick
    My usual early wake up. To the Island Anthem “The Cock's Crow”
    You really know you are here, when you hear that. Lovely.
    Mary Heinz this is for you Bloody Mynah Birds
    Dan and Helen's Villa
    Above the shop

    So down to the beach I went, for a quick viewing. It’s lovely

    Took a shot of the Sunset Resort from the beach
    On our first stay here in Raro, way back mid 80’s we stayed there
    It had just been built and was a small Motel run by a New Zealand ex Farmer, called Nigel from The Naki.
    Wonder what happened to him?
    The sand was all lumpy and corally and hard to find a swimming hole to lie in amongst the rocks

    It is now a full blown resort. Looking very nice, the beach has been raked and there looks like a nice water hole to dip in

     So, So far so Good. Off to refill my coffee cup with another Nespresso.

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