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    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    Tina, Not Only A Bride, but Also A Birthday Girl

    Sunday passed by quietly.
    Didn’t do much. I don’t think I even made it to the beach but I did have some pool time. Quite busy doing my blog. So many photos to upload. Using up my Megs quite quickly
    So after a quiet lunch with John, Hiria, Dan Helen, Soaps and Jo it was nap time,
    A great beef curry dinner from Mr Dan followed by an viewing of Anchorman.
    It was time for bed.

    Monday, Tina’s birthday party at Whatever Bar
    We paced ourselves, with beach time,

    Typical shot of Mr Dale
     Had a slight, accident, one of those candid camera moments
    The chair broke
    A  c'est la vie

    Salade Nicoise a la Dan, little wine to whet the whistle, of course, nap, pool and off we go again.
    Still haven’t organised a car yet, so reliant on Taxi Cab Morae.
    Very cheap it is too.

     Got to the party
    Joseph has got a new admirer, Tim's Granddaughter Hilton
    Entree: Chips of course
    Lovely to see all of the kids there.
    Joining in with their Mocktails. The girls all looking gorgeous, so glamorous.

    Of course, as the Cocktails for the Grownups kicked in and the disco warmed up
    It was full on… singing and dancing
    Great music
     Happy Birthday to Ya, Happy Birthday Tina

    Happiness...Nice isn't it

     "You know that broken Uke of Mine"? said Dale

    "I can fix it," said John, "I'm a magician"

    The Cab Driver was getting a little weary, 
    so she took us home.
    No wine or TV, straight to bed

    So I got up this morning
    And this was in my view
    Our abode looking down the little path to the beach

    Here are our neighbours
    Island life

    Am organisng a car, soon we will be mobile.

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