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    Sunday, October 21, 2012

    The After Match, Budgies of the World Unite, There was a Flock of Budgie Smugglers on Display

    And so the party continues. 
    Had a slight mishap at lunch time. As Dale and I are car-less people it’s our job to catch the bus.
    The service is a little erratic particularly on a Saturday so it seems.
    Dan, Helen and the kids took off to Sails Restaurant for lunch, we were to join them
    The bus goes from here at 20 to the hour, so at 12.30, Dale took a stroll down the drive, got there a bit before me.

    He said “is the Bus Yellow and White”.
    "Sure is"
    "Oh, we have missed it, it just drove past".

    Spoke to the lady at Liqourland
    Wait another 5 minutes or so there will probably be another one

    After 10 minutes, we changed the plans
    Let’s go eat at The Anchorage Restaurant in the Sunset Resort next door

    Dale walked on to get a table, I raced back to get my phone to contact the others
    Get back on the road, and blow me down there went another bus.
    On Monday, we are getting a car!!!
    Well it was a good choice just perfect little lunch. The nice Bar lady
    Rang Sails for us, I spoke to Dan.
    All sorted
    Back to the Oasis for a rest.
    Now I haven’t had a chance to speak about The Cook’s Oasis click here
    It is quiet, secluded, with a nice little cooling off pool, just down from our room
    Just a few minutes and we are down on the beach

    Kiel and Christine are the best Hosts. Nothing is too much trouble.
    The room is spacious, with a little kitchen.
    We are upstairs, there is currently a nice breeze and 
    I am awaiting my Nespresso from our own little Barista
    Mr Joseph

    Christine and her daughter delivered beautiful fresh cream filled doughnuts
    Wow what a treat.

    In the last few years we have stayed up at Kathy’s House in Titikaveka
    Check it out on this site

    We loved it there but this time it didn’t work. 
    All of the events we are going to are being held down here on the West side of the Island 
    and we need to be close
    Plus, Kathy’s House is too big for us this time.
    Helen found this accommodation for us
    The Cook’s Oasis so far, has ticked all of the boxes for us.
    Good choice Helen

    So back to party time
    The After Match Function
    Held at the Magic Reef

    Hiria, Chrissy and Co decorated the path for the bride and groom to their Bridal Suite on the Wedding Night
    How about these Pink Flamingos?

    Tina made some requests for the wedding regarding attire
    Her comment was that there not to be any F***ing Shorts
    Of course the boys took this heart

    Obeyed “Her Indoors” for the wedding but laid it on for the
    next day
    So we have a “Flock of Budgie Smugglers” on display
    Just an excuse for a bit of Man Handling I feel

    The night went on
    Beautiful Tuna steaks cooked on the Barbie
    Salads, fruit of the island and “Punch”
    The remainder which you can see here.

    Bit dodgy, but we did drink most of it

    Dan and John played and there was the usual Singing and Dancing
    from the crowd

    Another great day
    Thanks Tim and Tina
    The Pussy Cat welcoming us home

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