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    Friday, October 26, 2012

    Rarotonga - Everyday A Beauty

    The days are racing by, John and Hiria left on Tuesday, we managed to squeeze a nice lunch at The Tamarind Room together.
    Such a delightful Restaurant, The feeling, Bermuda Yacht Club I think

    The food is very good there
    I had Nasi Goering, Dale and Sophia had Vegetable Lasagne
    Joseph had Corn fritters. Didn’t get photos of the others
    Got some budding Food Bloggers though.
    The kids are loving the Mocktails

    Meanwhile we are sticking to wine with ice blocks trying to cut down the intake a little
    Dan by the way did a little experimenting how’s this for Fusion
    Ike Mata Tartare on Bruschetta

    Very yummy. They are eating as much of the fresh Tuna as they can handle
    It is so Beautiful and Cheap up here
    Dan Helen and the kids departed Wednesday.

    As we now have wheels, I was able to transport everyone and the baggage to the airport. Could have been interesting on the bus! 
    Fitted in one last lunch at Luscious Restaurant, opposite the airport

    Once again good luncheon food I had a Fish Burger

    Dale Fish and Chips
    Dan and Helen had their last Ike Mata
    Then it was goodbye to them

    We came home for a nap, a swim then a quiet night.
    After several days of eating out and Dan’s wonderful food
    I really splashed out on dinner!
    Cheese and Tomato toasted sandwiches
    Sat down in front of the TV
    Have some great stuff on the ipad to watch
    Did 2 episodes of “Rake” a great Oz Law drama
    Catch it if you can

    A couple of Iconic Raro sights
    Local Pie
    Must grab one soon

    And this man at the airport. He has been doing this job "Like", Forever. Helps you with your trolleys

    Thursday and a really quiet day.
    Had to exchange our car, nice little silver number now
    Newer! Well it has a radio, which doesn’t work
    And the Rarotonga “Air con special”
    Open windows

    It was cleaner too

    So Let’s go shopping
    The essentials
    Off to the  4 Sale Fish for some Tuna

    CITC for wine

    Lemons and tomatoes, Fresh Bread
    Vege and we are set for food for the next couple of days

    It was fun to drive around the Island again.
    The old familiar places
    Its so good, that I am used to small kitchens
    I made a simple Rice and Tuna dish 
    Might look a bit like a Dog's Dinner but delicious
    Settled down to more episodes of "Rake"
    Life's Not too Bad Really

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