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    Friday, October 19, 2012

    The Wedding of The Year - What a Day

    So Thursday continued on, the Wifi is a little erratic but when you get the signal, it is fine.
    The blogger and Joseph

    After the chores we wandered down to the beach, It was a beautiful day again.
    We all have to be careful, not to burn, that poxy winter skin
    One thing about the fake tan, there is not quite the same urge to expose one’s skin frantically, in hope of getting some quick colour. One can take one’s time.
    One must look good at the wedding don’t you know!

    Got ourselves chairs and pozies already and Lying in the sand commenced
    Next chore getting into town for lunch
    Dan, Helen and kids took off on their trusty steeds
    Dale and I caught the Clockwise Bus

    Bought a 10 trip pass.

    Ah, Traders Jacks
    Perfect for lunch.
    Great view
    Very good Bloody Marys there, spicy.
    Great aperitif

    Followed by a taster of Ika Mata and garlic bread
    Not quite as good as Dan’s but up there

    Then, in no particular order,
    Fish and Chips
    Grilled swordfish,
    Smoked Marlin Salad

    With a cheeky little Pinot Noir chilled down with ice, to make it go further
    Drink as much fluid, but not so much alcohol
    Very pleasant
    This is the "Wine Mantra" for this Vacation
    Wonder how long it will last

    So back on the bus home

    Drop off at the Cooks Oasis

    Afternoon Nap, Pool, Dressed ready for cocktails
    The Groom to be  Tim and his lovely Bride to Be Tina, hosted drinks at our old haunt Aroa, Shipwreck Bar
    Tina, second from right, with visitors from New Zealand!

    They serve their drinks in Jam Jars here, and some great Music on the Side
    This night was Rudy more about him later

    Dan and Helen rode off and we found a taxi
    Wont be doing many of those
    $25 for about 5 kms

    Maitais etc all round
    Meanwhile Tim had a sad, sad tale to tell
    He is now sporting The Rarotonga Tattoo
    Incident with a dog and a bus

    Luckily it is all superficial but not too pretty
    Hopefully this can be covered up with clothes
    White Clothes???

    Lovely time at The Bar
    Taxi Driver John brought us home

    Dan and Helen cooked a great fish dinner with coconut rice and a spicy salsa
    Served on their deck
     Home to bed and read
    And I woke up this morning, with nothing on my mind.
    Here we go onto another beautiful day

    The Gods are shining on Tim and Tina

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