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    Monday, October 29, 2012

    We Have a New Cocktail - Thank You Absolut

    Over the last two years, we discovered a beach, named “Noever Beach” by Ms Cleo.
    Lovely white sand, a good swimming hole and just perfect, not too far to walk from the car.
     This is last year.

    When we left our house in the hills, to go to the beach this is where we headed

    Well would you believe, our Friend Trishie is living there, of all the beach properties, in Raro, how did we all choice this spot?
    Meant to be, I reckon

    Here is the view looking out over Noever Beach, Sunset Time, last night
    Is this just Paradise, or what?
    Oh got a new Cocktail, courtesy of Ms Trishie
    Absolut have developed a new flavoured Vodka
    Orient Apple and Ginger
    Poured over ice and a good splash of Cranberry Juice
    It’s got to be good for you
    A few wines with friends
    Great end to the day
    So Summer salad for lunch again
    First I made a potato Salad, just a simple one

    ½ a red onion finely sliced
    Handful of copped herbs, Parsley, Basil,Chives
    2 potatoes, boiled in salted water and cut into mouthfuls

    Simple French Dressing
    3 parts olive oil
    1 part lemon juice
    Pinch sugar
    Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

    My favourite Mayo dressing
    2 tablespoons Best Foods Mayo
    Thinned down with
    Juice of half a lemon
    Some sea salt and freshly ground
    If you have an orange, throw in some zest gives it a great citrusy flavour

    First blanch red onion in boiling water for about 30 seconds
    Drain and toss in about 2 tablespoons  French Dressing
    Add herbs and leave to marinate in the fridge

    When potatoes are cooked, fork tender
    Add to onions

    Add some more dressing to moisten
    Back to chill

    To assemble
    Just lay some nice crisp greens on a plate
    Dot around some radish pieces
    Cucumber sliced
    Tomato wedges

    Some Smoked Salmon around or my case Ham
    A good helping of potato salad

    Sprinkle the rest of the salmon or ham on top and drizzle over some of the Mayo
    Great lunch

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